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Warner Brothers Seed Company in Oklahoma - Producers, processors, and suppliers of Native grass seed and Introduced grass seed, forbs, and legumes. Dedicated to providing quality planting seed for pasture and rangeland improvement, quality permanent hay fields, land reclamation, pasture renovation, grazing, erosion control, biomass crops, biofuels, conservation practices, wildlife habitat enhancement, pipeline and mining reclamation, roadside revegetation, landscaping, low maintenance grasses for golf courses, parks, schools, airports, yards, cemeteries and etc.

Little Bluestem

Buffalograss Seed

Illinois Bundleflower

Illinois Bundleflower Seed

Indian grass

Switchgrass Seed

Alamo Switchgrass

Little Bluestem Seed

Old World Bluestem (Plains)

If you have an erosion control or soil stabilization concern as well as revegetation of rangeland or abandoned cultivated land project, consider a Pasture Blend or Custom Native Grass Blend.
Buffalograss is drought resistant and requires less input cost to maintain.
Indiangrass is an excellent forage choice for livestock and wildlife. It is often used for hay and grazing as well as in native pasture blends.
Little Bluestem is the key component of any true prairie grass mixture.  Switchgrass is unique in that it can withstand flooding and saturated soils for long periods of time after it is established.  It has a heavy tonnage and high quality forage potential.                                                                                                                                                                 If you are interested in creating or improving a Quail Habitat or other wildlife habitat you should consider a native Wildlife Grass Seed Blend

Native Grasses are becoming very popular for Native Landscaping whether residential or commercial.  They are easy to maintain, conserve water, and beautify the surroundings. 

Golf Course Clubhouse Parking Lot

Golf Course Clubhouse Parking Lot

   Call Toll Free: 1-800-467-7250

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