Pasture Blend Low Rainfall Area
(less than 25 inches annual Rainfall)
This blend of native grasses consist of turf type, short grasses and medium height grasses. This blend will grow on a wide range of soil types in the low rainfall regions.
This blend works well for grazing, reclamation and conservation practices.
Pasture Blend Low Rainfall
Variety Pls 
Little Bluestem 1
Sideoats Grama 1
Blue grama 1
Green Sprangletop 1
Blackwell Switchgrass 1
Buffalograss, Texoka 1.5
Western Wheatgrass 0.5
Total pls/acre 7
Price per Pls Pound $11.18

Pasture Blend High Rainfall Area         (More than 25 inches annual Rainfall)
This true tallgrass prairie blend has been a top forage producer. Designed to satisfy the needs whether grazing, haying, reclamation, conservation practices or wildlife protection.

Pasture Blend High Rainfall
Variety                                   Pls 
Little Bluestem 2
Big Bluestem, Kaw 1
Indiangrass Cheyenne 1
Alamo Switchgrass 2
Sideoats Grama 1
Green Sprangletop 1
Total pls/acre 8
Price per Pls Pound $11.25

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