Producers, Processors, and Suppliers of Native grass seed and Introduced grass seed, forbs, and legumes.

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Custom Blends

We specialize in developing custom blends to meet your revegetation, forage or conservation needs.

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We utilize GPS integrated equipment to efficiently plant grass seed for farmers, ranchers and construction projects.

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Expert consulting services to ensure that you pick the best seed for successful planting and growth.

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Rental Equipment

Don’t have the right equipment to plant your seed? We offer high-quality equipment rentals to assist customers.

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Recent Blogs

Chisholm Fescue- Summer Dormant Endophyte-Free Tall Fescue vs Wheat Pasture

Summer-Dormant Tall Fescue (left) 1 year’s growth vs Wheat (right) in November. After the first year, Summer-Dormant Tall Fescue can offer earlier grazing than an Annual Cool-Season Forage.

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Buffalo Grass

TEXOKA - Texoka is a variety derived from 10 selections of Buffalograss. As the variety name indicates the parents from this variety were selected from Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas buffalograss populations.

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Buffalo Grass for Pasture or Native Lawns

VARIETY: TEXOKA: The Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station in cooperation with the Kansas and Texas Agricultural Experiment Stations and the USDA Agricultural Research Service and Soil Conservation Service released Texoka Buffalo grass in 1974.

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