Engelmann Daisy

Eldorado Engelmann Daisy is a native cool-season, perennial forb with clusters of showy yellow flower heads about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Blooms occur from May through August. Leaves are rough and hairy with deep indents. Leaves are 3-6 inches in length. The erect to spreading stems form a rounded crown. During the winter, plants will form a rosette of attractive green foliage.

Engelmann daisy grows naturally throughout most of Texas and many areas of Oklahoma and western Kansas. Eldorado does not grow in the extreme eastern portions of Texas or Oklahoma. Eldorado does best on calcareous, open uplands and sandy soils. It prefers well-drained moist soils with full sunlight.

Eldorado Engelmann daisy may be used as a component in range and pasture seeding mixtures, revegetation of mined lands and critical area plantings. Eldorado can be interplanted with other species as it is relatively non-competitive. Eldorado is very high in protein and digestibility. It will be highly utilized as a cool season forb by livestock and wildlife very early in the spring before other native plants initiate growth. Eldorado makes an attractive plant for landscape and beautification plantings.

Englemann Daisy

General Characteristics

Growth Type:Bunch
Life Span:Perennial
Growing Season:Warm Season
Plant Height:2-4 feet
Cold Tolerance:Good
Drought Tolerance:Good
Salt Tolerance:Poor
Soil Type:Sandy Loam - Clay
Minimum Rainfall:16 inches
Planting Rate:2-6 pls#
Planting Date:Feb. - Mar.
Seed Type:Chaffy
Uses:Grazing, Wildlife Habitat, Erosion Control, Reclamation