Fourwing Saltbush

(Atriplex canescens)

Fourwing Saltbush is a native perennial shrub. The plant varies in height from 2-4 feet tall and is easily identified by its grayish-white color. The leaves are scaly and thick and are approximately 2 inches in length. It is adapted to the dry climates of the American Southwest especially in New Mexico, South Texas and the Rocky Mountains. The plant performs best on alkaline and saline soils.

Fourwing saltbush is considered an important browse plant in wildlife populations and livestock. The species is best utilized when blended in seed mixtures with native grasses and other forbs. It is utilized primarily for land restoration, erosion control, and wildlife plantings. Fourwing Saltbush is best used as a component in range seedings especially in high saline, droughty soils.

Seedings should be made on a well-prepared, firm weed-free seedbed. Seeding rates of 1 -2 pure live seed pounds per acre when blended with native forbs and grasses is adequate.

Fourwing Saltbush
Fourwing Saltbush

General Characteristics

Plant Type:Forb
Life Span:Perennial
Growing Season:Warm Season
Plant Height:2-4 feet
Cold Tolerance:Good
Drought Tolerance:Good
Salt Tolerance:Good
Soil Type:Widely Adapted
Minimum Rainfall:-
Planting Rate:2-6 pls#
Planting Date:Feb. - June
Seed Type:Course
Uses:Grazing, Wildlife Habitat, Erosion Control, Reclamation