Varieties Available  

(Cynodon dactylon)
Bermudagrass is an introduced, warm season, long-lived perennial with a spreading growth habit. It propagates by runners, underground rootstocks and seed. The runners vary from a few inches to 3 or 4 feet in length, and under favorable conditions they may grow 15 to 20 feet in a season. The rootstocks, which may become stolons (runners) on hard soils, are thick and white. The erect, flowering branches are usually 6 to 12 inches high, depending on the fertility and moisture of the soil. The leaves are short, flat, bluish-green, and 1 to 4 inches long.
Bermudagrass grows well on almost any soil that is fertile and not too wet. It thrives in hot weather. Bermudagrass may be propagated by seed or by vegetative cuttings or stolons.
Because the seeds are small and light, a clean-tilled, well prepared,firm seedbed is desirable for best establishment. Seeding Rate of 5 to10 pounds per acre are recommended.

bermudagrass field

bermuda grass


General Characteristics

Growth Type

Sod Former/Turf

Life Span 


Growing Season

Warm Season



Plant Height

6-18 inches

Cold Tolerance


Drought Tolarence


Salt Tolerance


Soil Type

Sandy to Clay

Minimum Rainfall

25 inches

Planting Rate

5-15 pls#

Planting Date

February - June

Seed Type



Hay Production 
Erosion Control


Planting rates above are for pure stands, if utilized in a blend decrease the seeding rate according to the percentage of the component in the blend.

The most widely used bermudagrass variety used for lawns, pastures, and soil erosion control. Planted in pastures for grazing and hay.  It spreads laterally which is great for erosion control such as waterways, spillways, and slopes also heavy use areas like holding pens, and working areas.


Wrangler is a winter-hardy, seeded, forage type Bermuda grass. Wrangler has good forage production potential and has disease resistance over other seeded forage types. Wrangler is only offered as a coated seed which makes up approximately 50% of its weight, so you need to plant twice as much seed as a bare seed variety.  Wrangler is PVP PROTECTED. Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited



Giant is similar in appearance to the popular hybrid Coastal Bermuda. It grows more upright than other seeded bermudagrass varieties; however, it does not spread laterally as rapidly. A popular blend is a 50/50 mix of Giant and common.  Giant Bermudagrass can be used for hay or grazing.  It is one of the highest yielding varieties available.

giant bermudagrass


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