Warner Brothers Custom Blends

Custom Blends

We can custom blend the grass seed to your specific order. We have some popular seed blends listed, however; we realize that you may have your own in mind, especially when working with certain soil types, projects or locations. We custom blend orders for pipeline reclamation, power transmission lines, CRP, DOT projects, pollinator mixes, prairie restoration, conservation programs, wildlife habitats and livestock grazing.

Custom Seed Blend


We plant grass seed for farmers, ranchers and construction projects. We realize that having the proper equipment for planting grass seed can make a big difference. We have grass drills and planters specifically designed to uniformly distribute fluffy grass seed that will place the seed at the correct depth and ensure good seed-to-soil contact. We also utilize GPS integrated equipment to give efficient and professional results that can give any project eye appeal.

Rental Equipment

We rent grass drills and planters to assist customers with their seeding projects. This helps the customer to plant their seed with equipment designed to accurately and uniformly place the seed at the correct depth and ensures good seed-to-soil contact.

12′ 3-pt Brillion Seeder
12′ 3-pt Brillion Seeder

Warner Brothers Consulting


We can assist you in meeting your goals with your seeding project by visiting your location and discussing your objectives while going through the following itinerary:

  1. Viewing the property.
  2. Looking at the soil types (take soil samples if deemed necessary).
  3. Determine what grasses are currently in place.
  4. Suggest grasses that would be best adapted and suited for your project goals.
  5. Discuss / Suggest management practices for your current / future operations.
Inspecting new Chisholm Fescue Planting