Jose Tall Wheatgrass

(Agropyron elongatum)

Jose Tall Wheatgrass is an introduced tall, cool-season, perennial bunchgrass. This grass performs best on sub-irrigated sights. This grass is one of the most salt tolerant grasses known. Jose also has a high degree of drought tolerance for cool-season grasses. Jose Tall Wheatgrass is usually planted alone for grazing, haying, or erosion control.

Good stands can be obtained from drill or broadcast seedings at a rate of 12-20 pls pounds/acre. Best results have been obtained when planting in a clean-tilled, weed-free seedbed at a depth of 1/4 -1/2 inches deep. A regular wheat drill can be used to plant this seed.

Jose Wheatgrass

General Characteristics

Growth Type:Bunch
Life Span:Perennial
Growing Season:Cool Season
Plant Height:3-7 feet
Cold Tolerance:Good
Drought Tolerance:Good
Salt Tolerance:Excellent
Soil Type:Widely Adapted
Minimum Rainfall:8 inches
Planting Rate:12-20 pls#
Planting Date:Sep. - Mar.
Seed Type:Smooth
Uses:Grazing, Wildlife Habitat, Erosion Control, Reclamation