Chisholm Fescue- Summer Dormant Endophyte-Free Tall Fescue vs Wheat Pasture

Summer-Dormant Tall Fescue (left) 1 year’s growth vs Wheat (right) in November. After the first year, Summer-Dormant Tall Fescue can offer earlier grazing than an Annual Cool-Season Forage.

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Buffalo Grass

TEXOKA – Texoka is a variety derived from 10 selections of Buffalograss. As the variety name indicates the parents from this variety were selected from Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas buffalograss populations.

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Buffalo Grass for Pasture or Native Lawns

VARIETY: TEXOKA: The Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station in cooperation with the Kansas and Texas Agricultural Experiment Stations and the USDA Agricultural Research Service and Soil Conservation Service released Texoka Buffalo grass in 1974.

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Bluestem Hay

B Dahl Bluestem Hay for Sale

WW B. Dahl Bluestem is an introduced warm-season grass that is best adapted to areas receiving from 15 to 35 inches of average rainfall. Soil PH range 5.5 – 8.0. It is very productive considering the input cost compared to other permanent pastures.

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Chisholm Fescue: High-Quality Forage

CHISHOLM FESCUE is an endophyte-free tall fescue cultivar of Tunisian parentage with excellent persistence recently released by the NOBLE RESEARCH INSTITUTE.

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Chisholm Fescue- Summer Dormant Endophyte-Free Tall Fescue

Chisholm is capable of producing high-quality pasture from autumn through spring suitable for grazing livestock before entering summer-dormancy; this fills the forage gap by reducing the need to feed hay and provides a perennial grazing option to complement or replace winter annual plantings.

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